IRT’s ACH Program offers seniors security and certainty by supporting low-income seniors whose living situation is not secure, who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.

Assistance with Care & Housing

Through the ACH Program, the Coordinator links seniors to suitable community services and works with them to find sustainable and affordable housing opportunities.

This support includes:

• Locating suitable and affordable long-term housing

• Providing advice and assistance on housing applications

• Help in accessing accommodation-related legal and financial services

• Assistance with packing, moving and relocating seniors into their new homes

• Where suitable, advocating and negotiating with services

• Linking and referring seniors to aged care,community care, health care and welfare services,and disability services, where appropriate.

IRT’s ACH clients receive tailored assistance that suits their needs.

Fees & charges

No fees or charges apply to this service.


The ACH Program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.

Follow-up support

IRT’s ACH Program does not provide ongoing care.However, it does provide short-term follow-up support,where appropriate, enabling clients to continue living in their accommodation or community setting.


These services are available in the Illawarra region.


Those who can access IRT’s ACH Program include seniors who are:

• Living on low incomes

• Living in unsuitable accommodation (for example,expensive housing or accommodation, which restricts their access to support services)

• Homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless

• Frail and in need of being linked with medicalsupport or care services

• Socially isolated.

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