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Post - Osso bucco recipe

Osso buco, a rich and elegant braised dish, built on veal shanks, aromatic vegetables and wine.

Post - Spiced lamb and feta pizza recipe

Need a really easy idea for dinner and a great alternative to takeaway? You can’t go past this delicious spiced lamb and feta pizza.

Post - Caramelised onion and roast tomato tart recipe

This delicious tart will be a hit with your family and friends. Served best with your favourite salad or as a tasty entree.

Post - Zucchini Fritters recipe

A delicious go-to dinner, these fritters are unbelievably easy to make, highly nutritious, and the perfect way to add veggies into your diet.

Quiche Lorraine

Post - Recipe – Quiche Lorraine

IRT Catering’s Ben Mitrevski serves up a dish that was popular 50 years ago and is still a firm favourite today.

Fettuccine boscaiola

Post - Recipe – Fettuccine boscaiola

IRT Catering’s Ben Mitrevski shares one of his favourite recipes.

Post - Maggie’s Passion Shines On

Maggie Beer is on a mission – to bring about life-altering change to the wellbeing of older Australians through food.

Post - 15 fun activities to do at home during isolation

You’ve watched endless reruns of your favourite TV show and done enough spring cleaning to last a lifetime. Boredom is starting to creep in as the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on. Although restrictions are starting to ease slightly in some areas, authorities are still encouraging older people to stay at home. So, what can you do […]