Due to the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have implemented visitor restrictions at all our residential aged care centres. Read More

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The latest news from Age Matters

Age Matters tackles homelessness, ageism and social isolation head on. Why? Because disadvantage doesn’t discriminate.

Homeless person sleeping on street
Homeless person sleeping on street

Invisible and ignored: sleeping rough as an older person

If you struggled to get out of your warm bed this morning, spare a thought for the 116,000 Australians who didn’t have a bed to…

12 August 20
Age Matters

Ageing and sleeping on a camp bed in a boarding house

Robert* was living in a boarding house where his only private space was an unlockable bedroom.  Robert was a victim of domestic violence by a…

05 August 20
Age Matters

Age Matters seeking Friendly Assistance Volunteers

Age Matters client Susan* has been struggling with self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, and is living with mental health challenges. Under a new initiative, she…

30 April 20
Age Matters

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