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Tired of unwanted gifts?

07 December 2020
Young boy unwraps unwanted gift

It’s super easy to ask your friends and family to donate to your favourite charity this holiday season. They don’t even need to wrap it!

Just five easy steps to setup a Facebook fundraiser:

  1. Start creating a post on Facebook.
  2. Select ‘Raise Money’.
  3. Search for ‘Illawarra Retirement Trust’ to fundraise for Age Matters, supporting vulnerable and isolated older people.
  4. Tell your people what you’re raising money for or post a video or photo. Remember to tag a few key people who owe you!
  5. Feel good about yourself, the people you’re selflessly helping and how you can still buy yourself what you really want at post-Christmas sales.

You can Follow Age Matters on Facebook…

…or even sign up as a regular giver now.

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