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If you’ve got an idea to empower older Australians to live free from disadvantage, we want to hear from you. IRT Foundation codesigns new community programs, pilots new service solutions and invests in leading Australian research.

Since 2009 we’ve invested almost $2 million in research, partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission to increase mature workforce participation, cofounded the Age-Friendly Illawarra Alliance, and secured a $1.4 million Australian Government grant to pilot an integrated home care service for Aboriginal people.

Our partners

We partner with governments, service providers and start-ups.

Our final reports

Learn more about IRT Foundation funded research and projects.

Dementia-Friendly Retirement Villages: The Built Environment and Wayfinding

This project will provide a way for retirement villages to assess how dementia friendly their village is in terms of built design and wayfinding, and offer a selection of solutions…

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Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in IRT Self Care Communities

This project provided retirement village residents with health information highlighting their personal health risks and opportunities for improvement in health status and quality of life.

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Molecular chaperones as agents of the ageing process

This project looked at molecular chaperones as agents of the ageing process, with the ultimate goal of developing therapeutic drugs to combat ageing and age-related disorders and disease. The project…

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Addressing the Safety and Mobility Needs of Senior Australian Drivers

This project hypothesises that, with education and support, older drivers can make informed choices about driving. This project is evaluating the impact of an established program that promotes safe driving for drivers aged…

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Psychological strategies to maximise fitness and enjoyment during exercise in senior Australians

This research gives insight into the way senior Australians think when doing physical exercise. The project examined how older people can get more out of exercise by reducing perceptions of physical effort to…

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Impact of sleep disturbances and sleep medications on cognitive function in the elderly

The aim of this project was to see if sleep problems and sleep medications could have a long-term impact on cognition for older people. The study looked at data from…

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Measuring impact

Our work is based on evidence and we measure our social impact through a framework developed in partnership with the Centre for Social Impact. We assist many leading Australian academics by providing assistance to researchers looking at issues affecting older people with access to participants or information.

In assessing our participation in these projects, we consider:


Communication opportunities for research findings


Adoption of research findings into policy and practice


Responsiveness to environmental changes in ageing issues.

In evaluating the effectiveness of our programs, our Social Impact Measurement Framework embodies our Theory of Change and uses evidence based indicators so we can measure change.

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