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How does it work?

The Essence range uses a base unit, pendant and sensors to monitor the customer’s voice and motion.

Services range from emergency alerting to a professional home care solution which constantly learns and adapts to customers’ daily behaviour.

It’s highly customisable, enables the right response at the right time, and sends real time notifications and alerts. The product doesn’t need a phone line or internet connection.


What are the Essence products?


Essence Care@Home PERS – $450 (plus $30 per month monitoring fee)

Emergency response base unit with a wearable pendant.


Essence Care@Home Family – $650.00 (plus $40 per month monitoring fee)

Includes the basic PERS system plus extra sensors and a Family app. This product allows family members to set rules for notifications and alerts.

For example, you can choose to be notified if your loved one doesn’t get out of bed by 10am.  The sensors can be placed on toilet seats, doors, medicine cabinets, fridges and more.


Voice Panic Detector – $150

The Essence Voice Panic Detector allows you to activate your emergency system from anywhere in the home by calling out a key phrase. 

This can be beneficial in a situation where you cannot reach your pendant or an emergency button.

(Please note that this is not designed as a replacement to your pendant. Your pendant should always be worn)


Emergency Pendant Active – $190 (plus $35 per month monitoring fee with PERS, or $45 per month monitoring fee with Family)

Essence now offers you the freedom to be protected whilst you are out of your home. The Emergency Pendant Active (EPA) can be worn as a necklace or wrist watch.

The EPA pairs with your mobile phone when leaving the home to offer the ability to raise an emergency alarm anywhere you have mobile phone reception.

The EPA also features fall detection and will notify emergency services to your location within 5 metres.

How do I purchase Essence?

Existing IRT retirement village residents can purchase Essence products through IRT’s partnership with Ericom, the Australian distributors of Essence. 

IRT currently offers Essence products exclusively to its retirement village residents. This offer is not available to other IRT customers or members of the public.

To get started, download the Essence Form and contact your Retirement Village Manager, or call our Customer Service Team on 134 478.

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