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Residential aged care

At IRT, we believe older people deserve to feel heard, empowered, and cared for. Our aged care centres offer much more than your standard nursing home.

Our residents are part of a real community where connection, compassionate care, and wellbeing are always within arm’s reach, around the clock.

A neighbour when you need care at arms reach

We have been caring for older Australians for over 50 years. We have 21 residential aged care homes across NSW, the ACT and Qld.

Our innovative approach to residential aged care personalises the care experience for every resident whilst providing comfortable living arrangements that will make you feel right at home. 

Find an aged care centre

Experience you can trust

As a community-owned residential aged care provider, we put people first. Our residents are cared for with kindness and supported to live connected lives.

Personalised care 24/7

Our caring staff and registered nurses are there 24/7 to help you manage your health, medication and daily needs. You’ll have compassionate care at arm’s reach around-the clock.

50+ years' experience

We’ve been caring for older Australians for more than 50 years and we know what it takes to provide quality compassionate care you can trust.

Live the lifestyle you want

You’ll be part of a real community where connection, enjoyment and wellbeing are key. Whether you prefer a social outing or a puzzle to yourself, we’ll tailor our leisure and lifestyle programs to suit you and your interests.

Feel at home

Choose from a mix of modern and comfortable living arrangements that will make you feel right at home. We also provide a range of handy support services and on-site facilities such as communal gardens and hair salons.

Our model of care

Our Journey of Care provides an innovative approach to residential aged care that personalises the care experience for every resident. We offer care that honours where each person and stage of their care journey, with specialisation in dementia and palliative care. This not only ensures residents’ unique care needs are fully met, but they’re in the most nurturing environment possible where they’ll feel valued and understood.

All the comforts of home

You’ll feel right at home in our welcoming communities. We offer a mix of comfortable and modern living arrangements – from private rooms with ensuites to specialised care suites.

As a resident, you’ll also enjoy:


Communal dining and lounge rooms to socialise with other residents or family and friends


Landscaped courtyards and gardens


Onsite cafes, hairdressers and kiosks

Nutritious and tasty meals

Our residents enjoy quality food that’s nutritious, varied and delicious:

  • Food prepared in-house and tailored to specific dietary requirements and cultural preferences
  • A variety of delicious seasonal menus analysed by a consultant dietician to ensure they are nutritious and balanced
  • Healthy refreshments available at any time
  • Support to improve your nutrition

We’re committed to providing the highest quality food and meet the maximum accreditation under the Hazards Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines administered by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

How to apply for residential aged care
and get your ACAT assessment

If you can no longer live at home and need residential aged care, the first step is to register with My Aged Care and get an ACAT assessment. This is the Australian Government’s aged care services portal where you can access information and apply for funding.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the process works. If you need a helping hand from us, contact us. At IRT, we’re always happy to help at any stage of the process.

Check your eligibility and apply

Contact My Aged Care to register and find out if you are eligible for Australian Government funded aged care services. They'll then refer you to your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for a face-to-face assessment to discuss your care needs.

You will also need to arrange an income and asset assessment to calculate how much you can afford to contribute towards the cost of your aged care services. This is used to determine how much funding you receive for care services.

Receive your assessment outcome

After your face-to-face assessment at your home or hospital, you'll receive a letter from ACAT with your results.

This letter will indicate if you've been approved for residential aged care, the level of care you'll receive, your referral code for these services and a personalised care plan.

Find your aged care centre

Once you've been approved for residential aged care, it's time to find an aged care home that suits your needs in terms of location and services. Feel free to contact us to discuss things such as your culture and language options and our empathetic and experienced staff who will care for your needs.

If you have chosen IRT as the provider that best meets your needs, we will work with you to develop a plan based on your care needs, goals and what is important to you.

We make it easy for you to understand your residential aged care costs​

The cost of your residential aged care depends on the style of accommodation you choose and your individual financial circumstances. The Australian Government regulates and helps with the cost of receiving aged care services. 

Basic Daily Fee (BDF)

  • Covers your daily living costs such as meals, power, laundry, cleaning and personal care.
  • Paid by all aged care residents.
  • Amount paid doesn't vary from person to person.
  • Fee is determined by the Government and is set at 85% of the single Age Pension.

Means-tested care fee

  • You may be asked to pay this additional fee, depending on your income or assets.
  • Determined by Services Australia.
  • Amount paid varies from person to person. 
  • Annual and lifetime caps apply.

Accommodation Fees

  • Helps cover your accommodation.
  • You may be asked to pay this additional fee, if your income and assets exceed a certain amount.
  • Determined by Services Australia.
  • Fee varies from centre to centre and with room type.
  • Multiple payment options.

Additional Services fees

Additional services may be provided to support and enhance your care experience. Depending on the location, these additional residential aged care services may include extra recreational activities, entertainment and other options tailored to your lifestyle and interests.

Learn more about residential aged care and
get carer support from The Good Life

Are you looking for something in particular? Find handy tips and information to help you access the support you need with The Good Life.

Why live in a nursing home when you can live in an IRT aged care centre

At IRT, we believe older people deserve to feel heard, empowered and cared for. Our aged care centres provide so much more than your standard nursing home:


Tailored care plans that take into account your personal history, needs and preferences.


Lifestyle activities and events that support wellbeing, connection and quality of life.


Professional residential care offered with compassion and respect.

Looking for specific types of care?

Frequently asked questions

Residential aged care is a service for older people who cannot live independently at home and have been assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team as needing a high level of care.

Residents live in an aged care centre (also known as a nursing home) where they receive specialised care based on their specific needs and individual care plan. This might include assistance with daily activities such as showering or personal hygiene, and they can also receive medical care from registered nurses and allied health professionals.

There are a few common signs that you or your loved one may need residential aged care:

  • Your GP or other health care professionals have recommended it
  • You’re having a difficult time performing daily tasks including bathing, dressing or cooking
  • You’re frequently hospitalised to manage your health
  • You need more care than your carer can provide you with at home
  • You’re having multiple falls at home
  • You’re not happy living at home anymore or it’s not safe for you.

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a residential aged care centre, including the level of care required, environment, facilities and services offered, food, location and community activities.

There’s no doubt that making the decision to move into an aged care centre can be difficult. It can be an emotional time for you and your loved ones. The best way to make a good decision is to visit several aged care centres to compare them and get a feel for them. Ask the questions that are relevant to your needs, listen carefully to the responses and keenly observe what is happening around you.

You may also wish to consider respite care so that you can experience life at an aged care centre before making a more permanent move.

Find out more about how to find the aged care centre that’s right for you.

How much you pay for residential care aged care depends on the type of care you need, the provider you choose, your individual financial circumstances and the services you receive. The Australian Government helps pay for residential aged care and accommodation for eligible people.

At IRT, we make it easy for you to understand your residential aged care costs. We have put together a guide which explains costs, options available to you and eligibility for government support. Learn more.

All of our rooms are furnished for your safety and comfort, and this includes a bed, storage, bedside table and armchair. You’re welcome to decorate your suite with photographs, artwork, linen and other belongings or add personal touches to make it feel more homely.

You or your loved one will feel right at home in our welcoming communities.

Of course! At IRT, we make the effort to truly understand your interests and what’s important to you, so you can enjoy the things you love. We offer a number of social and lifestyle activities in our aged care centres to enhance your wellbeing and sense of community, including:

  • Morning teas and theme days
  • Shopping and bus outings
  • Gentle exercise classes
  • Bingo and board games
  • Individual activities

Discover some of the activities that our IRT residents have been enjoying at our aged care centres. Find out more.

Yes, residents of residential aged care facilities can continue to receive medical treatment and attend appointments while living in one of our communities. We’ll regularly review your personalised care plan with you and your family in consultation with your GP and/or allied health professionals.

When your needs change, we’ll help you and your family decide what to do. You may choose to move to a new suite that better caters for your needs or you may want additional services or specialised dementia or palliative care.

We’ll be there to support you during each step of your care journey. Importantly, we’ll make sure you and your family have choice and control over your care services and quality of life.

Your family and friends are welcome to visit you and be part of our community. You might also like to go on social outings with them or stay in touch via a private phone and internet connection in your suite.

We work hard to involve your family and friends in our communities with special events and regular communication so that you stay connected with loved ones.

Pets can’t live in our aged care centres, but we love for them to visit. If you’re leaving a much-loved pet, ask a family member or friend to take you to visit them or share photos and videos to keep you involved.

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