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Get Online Week

19 – 25 October 2020

It’s Get Online Week from 19 – 25 October 2020 and we’re committed to helping you improve your digital literacy skills and building your confidence to operate online.

Whether you need help using your smartphone or tablet, looking after your health online, or safely shopping online, there is a world of wonderful opportunities at your fingertips.

We’ve partnered with Be Connected, an initiative by the Australian Government, to help you build online skills and make the most out of the internet.

IRT Get Online Week
Live Event Recording

On 22 October 2020 for Get Online Week, we discussed the benefits of getting online and how to make the most out of our new app, IRT Connect.

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Now's the time to get online

Get Online Week runs from 19 – 25 October 2020 and is an international digital inclusion campaign organised by Good Things Foundation.

It is a week-long annual celebration that sees thousands of events take place each year giving everyone the chance to find the support they need to improve their digital skills. Last year, more than 1000 events were held across Australia helping people get more out of life online.

This year, IRT is hosting a range of events in our residential aged care centres and retirement villages to support our residents, customers and family members to ‘get online.’

The events include online meetings, training sessions, live stream videos, online trivia games, and demonstrations on how to make the most of our new app, IRT Connect.

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Retirement village events


Face-to-face digital information sessions


Online videos and demonstrations


Technology trivia


IRT Connect training

Aged care centre events


Online resident and staff updates from our Aged Care Centres' Leadership team


Online inter-regional resident trivia games


Online concerts and sing-a-longs for residents


Online case conferences

IRT Connect

IRT Connect is a new way to stay connected and manage your services with IRT. It’s free and has been designed to meet the needs of each individual, depending on the services they have with IRT.

If you’re new to IRT Connect and want to learn more, visit our IRT Connect page or speak to an IRT staff member for more information.

Explore the digital world today

With the music and entertainment industry being hit hard in 2020, many performers and groups have turned to live streaming their concerts online. Here are a select few that you could explore at your leisure:

Listen to inspiring talks from innovators, researchers and experts in their fields:

Be Connected network

IRT is also part of the Be Connected Network, another initiative by the Good Things Foundation. Be Connected is all about providing a safe space to learn essential digital skills to safely enjoy technology.

Click here to access information sheets on staying healthy, learning about your device, and how to stay safe. Or you can sign up as a learner and take part in the classes on offer.

Get Online Week is a campaign by Good Things Foundation Australia. Get in touch at to learn more.

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