The Community

Experience Kemira at IRT William Beach Gardens

Kemira is located within the established IRT William Beach Gardens Lifestyle Community and Care Centre precinct. Kemira includes 12 villas designed to the highest standards of accessibility, a community centre and five-bed respite centre.

Kemira is designed to accommodate people with intellectual disability who are living with their primary carer(s), are showing signs of ageing, and are (now or in the future) at risk of being separated due to increasing needs or significant challenges within their living environment. Signs of ageing may include decreased mobility, sensory decline, declining fitness and strength, and assistance needed for activities of daily living. Residents play an active role within this supportive community.

Construction of Kemira has been possible through $2.9 million funding received from the Restart NSW Illawarra Infrastructure Fund and $2 million in cash and in-kind contributions from IRT.

If you would like to express an interest in residing at Kemira expression of interest forms are available from IRT on Freecall 134 478 or by emailing us at

The GoodLife

The GoodLife is Australia's first YouTube Channel for over 55s. It's produced by IRT Foundation to share inspiring ad-free stories about older people.

It covers eveything from encore careers, age-friendly exercise and cooking, to skydiving, salsa dancing and creative hobbies.

You can find new episodes from Season 2 online or enjoy all the action from Season 1, which premiered last year.

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