Due to the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have implemented visitor restrictions at all our residential aged care centres. Read More

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Important update about IRT Tarrawanna Aged Care Centre

10 October 2021

Since writing to you yesterday we have received further results from the COVID-19 tests of residents and staff which were conducted on Friday, with a further 6 residents testing positive.

The residents are all fully vaccinated and experiencing mild symptoms or no symptoms at all and we have been in contact with their nominated representatives.

They will remain in the centre but if they require acute care or develop complications of existing health issues they may be transferred to Wollongong Hospital or Lawrence Hargrave Hospital. 

Our residents who were transferred from the centre for these reasons on Friday, remain stable. We continue to be in contact with both hospitals for updates on their progress.

Infection control

Some families have asked what we are doing to minimise the risk of infection spreading within the centre. In addition to the measures I have already described including additional PPE worn by staff and isolation of residents in their rooms, our infection control protocols also include regular deep cleaning of all areas, and all staff are required to undergo Rapid Antigen Testing before they start each shift.

Testing again today

All residents and staff will be tested again today by professionals from Southern IML Pathology, and I will keep you informed of the results. It is taking up to 24 hours for us to receive them.

We continue to care for all residents in their rooms and today the Lifestyle team will provide them with a range of exercises to ensure they maintain their strength and mobility and the Catering team is working on another range of treats.

While the centre is operating according to our outbreak management plan with many extra precautions in place, staff have continued to manage what are the many day to day needs of an aged care centre. This has included providing that special level of care required for our residents palliating, and nearing the end of their life (for reasons not related to COVID-19).

Last night was such an occasion when we acknowledged the passing of one our residents and felt privileged to be able to assist their family with all the PPE and permissions required to say goodbye to their loved one. The resident had been a member of the IRT family for some time, and we will all miss them. We have extended our deepest sympathies to their family and friends.

Staying connected

We are grateful for the cooperation of residents and we are eager to assist them with phone and video calls as needed. If you are talking with your loved one and have any concerns about them please let us know.

To connect via video calls, and if you haven’t done so already, you may also wish to download to your mobile phone or tablet, our app, IRT Connect. Search for it in your app store, and log in using your mobile phone number. Go to this link to find out more and to book a video call with your loved one please contact our Customer Service Team on 134 478.

Delivery of Gifts

Just a reminder that if you would like to deliver or send any gifts to your loved one please assist us with the following:

  • All items to be delivered between 10am – 11am or 1pm – 2pm
  • All items to be placed on a table which has been positioned and is identified as the table for gift delivery outside reception
  • Do not send items that require refrigeration

In addition to my regular updates our team will continue making regular phone calls to you as you are identified in our records as the person responsible for your loved one.

No visiting

As we are still managing a degree of risk within your loved one’s aged care centre we cannot accept visitors (other than for end of life).

If you have any questions or concerns we would appreciate it if you called our Customer Service Team on 134 478.

If you have further concerns or would like to know more about the management of aged care centres and services across Australia you can contact the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) on 1800 700 600. OPAN is an independent body made up of nine state and territory based service delivery organisations and can support you and your loved one to effectively access and interact with Commonwealth funded aged care services and have your rights protected.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.

Yours sincerely

Nia Briguglio

EGM – Aged Care Centres


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