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Information about IRT Links Seaside Aged Care Centre

12 May 2021

Dear family member/resident representative,

You may be aware that over the past 6 months at IRT Links Seaside Aged Care Centre we have applied all regular pest control measures to address a stubborn cockroach issue. Unfortunately, this has not been successful and to resolve the matter we have sought advice from a pest control provider to make expert recommendations.

To achieve the best results and eradicate the insects, the pest control provider has recommended a number of actions including washing all residents’ clothing, cleaning personal belongings, furniture, bedside lockers and bathroom cabinets, and following up with a sequence of pest eradication treatments. The pest treatment product to be used is safe and approved for use in aged care centres, in line with Australian standards.

We understand this may cause some disruption to your loved one and the aged care centre generally, but acknowledge that we have to adopt this best approach to eradicate the pests once and for all.

Your patience and support is appreciated with the program outlined below.

The program will take 1 month to complete and to ensure the best outcome the following plan will be implemented: 

Week commencing 17 May

During this week we will begin removing all clothing from the rooms of residents on Levels 1 and 2 for laundering. When laundered, a limited amount of clothing will be returned to each resident to cover a 2-3 day period. All other clothing will be placed in plastic bags and stored safely in the laundry area. Your loved one’s clothing supply for the 2-3 day period will continue to be laundered and returned to them until the entire treatment plan has been implemented as outlined below. If you would like to assist with this process of clothing selection it would be appreciated.

Cleaning – round 1

With the removal of the clothing for laundering, contract cleaners will commence cleaning bedside lockers, bathroom cupboards and behind fridges in readiness for the pest control treatment.  All personal belongings will be sealed in a plastic bag and remain in the resident’s room. Items such as ornaments, china, photo frames or resident-owned furniture will remain in the room.

This process will begin on the following days and is expected to be complete by Friday 21 May:

  • 18 May – Level 1
  • 19 May – Level 2
  • 20 May – Level 3

Cleaning – round 2

The contract cleaners will return during the week commencing Monday 24 May to clean wardrobes, carpets and lounge chairs according to the sequence below:

  • 24 May – Level 1
  • 25 May – Level 2
  • 26 May – Level 3

Pest control treatment begins

Following the above cleaning program the pest control firm will begin treating your loved one’s room, and all common areas including the lounge rooms, corridors and kitchen. This will be repeated 3 times according to the following schedule.

  • Level 1 – 25 May, 8 June and 22 June
  • Level 2 – 26 May, 9 June and 23 June
  • Level 3 – 27 May, 10 June and 24 June

During this period, all towels and bed linen will be laundered off site.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Coventry, IRT Aged Care Centres Business Manager Illawarra region, on 0447 001 506.

Kind regards

Nia Briguglio
Executive General Manager – Aged Care Centres

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