IRT Catering is IRT’s accredited in-house catering division which produces 40,000 home-style, nutritious meals a week to IRT Care Centres and a number of external clients. IRT Catering was one of the first organisations in Australia to introduce cook/chill food technology into resident meal production.

Providing daily food services to customers for 40 years, IRT Catering offers our customers the confidence of a reliable, long established team of dedicated professionals including chefs, cooks, nutritionists and other health professionals committed to product safety and quality.

IRT Catering provides seasonal menus and has the capacity to tailor meals to individual dietary requirements for our residents and clients. Feedback from customers is encouraged so IRT Catering can continually improve and ensure customer needs are met.

Strict guidelines ensure IRT Catering’s food preparation system uses only the highest quality meat and poultry, the freshest fish and dairy products and top quality fruit and vegetables each day. Every product undergoes an analysis by a consultant dietician, ensuring menus are nutritionally sound and balanced.

From careful selection of suppliers to delivery of the finished product, each process is carefully monitored. This has ensured that IRT Catering holds the highest accreditation from the NSW Food Authority.

Today IRT Catering has become a centralised, sophisticated operation, supplying meals using the Regethermic System (cook-chill process) throughout NSW and the ACT.

HACCP Accreditation

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. HACCP is a risk management methodology used by the food and related industries for the control of food safety hazards to acceptable risk levels.

IRT Catering has been awarded the maximum accreditation under the Hazards Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines administered by the Australian and New Zealand Food Authority. This affords customers the confidence that IRT Catering is committed to the provision of the highest quality catering.

IRT Catering is a division of the IRT Group.

The GoodLife

The GoodLife is Australia's first YouTube Channel for over 55s. It's produced by IRT Foundation to share inspiring ad-free stories about older people.

It covers eveything from encore careers, age-friendly exercise and cooking, to skydiving, salsa dancing and creative hobbies.

You can find new episodes from Season 2 online or enjoy all the action from Season 1, which premiered last year.

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