We provide a number of payment options depending on your circumstances, including affordable housing options.

The payment process is very simple, requiring a lump sum upon moving in with multiple payment options on offer to suit your individual circumstances. Following the lump sum, there are regular contributions for building upkeep, insurance and some rates. Depending on the ongoing contribution option chosen upon entry, a departure fee or retention amount may apply.

The amounts will depend on the Lifestyle Community you move in to and will be clearly outlined in writing well before you move in so you are aware of all your obligations. Please note, slightly different options and conditions apply to IRT Links Seaside and selected Queensland locations.

We also strongly recommend you seek independent financial and legal advice to ensure the decision is right for your current and future circumstances.

The GoodLife

The GoodLife is Australia's first YouTube Channel for over 55s. It's produced by IRT Foundation to share inspiring ad-free stories about older people.

It covers eveything from encore careers, age-friendly exercise and cooking, to skydiving, salsa dancing and creative hobbies.

You can find new episodes from Season 2 online or enjoy all the action from Season 1, which premiered last year.

Tune in to The GoodLife today