aej (Architects Edmiston Jones)

The September/October 2014 Speaker Series was jointly presented by IRT Foundation and aej. Dr Alexandre Kalache (World Health Organisation Age-friendly Cities Project and author Active Ageing Policy, President International Longevity Centre, Brazil) addressed 'The Longevity Revolution’. Building on Dr Kalache’s work IRT Group has progressed building age-friendly capacity in regional communities (see below).

University of Wollongong

IRT and the University of Wollongong have a long and rich history of collaboration. With the newly established Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI), and the IRT Research Foundation, this partnership is sure to continue under a formal Memorandum of Understanding currently being discussed. In fact, the inaugural three competitive grants awarded by the IRT Research Foundation went to three world class research teams from IHMRI.

Men Of League

The Men of League is a charity foundation with 15,000 members. It was established to assist players, coaches, referees, officials, volunteers and administrators and the families, from all levels of the game, when they have fallen on hard times. The Men of League and IRT are working together to further their shared objective of caring for the aged and elderly by providing appropriate accommodation, care and support.

University of Canberra

In November 2009 the University of Canberra signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IRT. The collaboration has meant the University and IRT are now cooperating over research and teaching in a number of health disciplines. This strong partnership has enabled the University to explore opportunities in teaching, research, social and recreational activities to benefit older Australians within our community. Under the Memorandum of Understanding both organisations can see positive opportunities for health students to gain professional experience at Kangara Waters Village through supervised nursing and allied health placements.

Regional Development Australia

After presenting at the 2010 Illawarra Leaders Summit, Regional Development Australia has backed IRT'€™s proposed World Health Organisation: Age-Friendly Cities project. The project involves regional Councils, community organisations and seniors in developing a framework to make the region more age-friendly. Recognition of the collaborative effort will be formalised by the World Health Organisation.

Hawker College

IRT has signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding with Hawker College to strengthen the partnership with Kangara Waters residents. Horticulture, hospitality and aged care students will have the opportunity to undertake formal work experience at the village. The students will learn by doing with the experience credited towards the Aged Care Vocational Education and Training now offered through High Schools and development of a Dementia friendly garden.

The Illawarra Grammar School

IRT has entered an arrangement with The Illawarra Grammar School to provide a valued experience for our Towradgi Care Centre residents. Students will be spending afternoons with residents, learning what their interests are and creating online experiences for all to share. The students will undertake these afternoons as part of their Community Service requirements in Year 10.

ExtraCare Charitable Trust (UK)

ExtraCare Charitable Trust is a UK-based aged care provider and supports 3,500 older people in 18 housing schemes and 11 villages across the Midlands and north-west of England.

IRT and ExtraCare signed of Memorandum of Understanding in 2011 to formalise a partnership between the two organisations. The partnership enabled an annual staff exchange program to be established.

The first person to embark on the four-week exchange program arrived at IRT in November 2011 and in early 2012 a member of IRT'€™s staff will spend four weeks with ExtraCare in England.

The exchange program is seen as a great way to share knowledge between the two organisations.

ExtraCare Charitable Trust'€™s website is

The GoodLife

The GoodLife is Australia's first YouTube Channel for over 55s. It's produced by IRT Foundation to share inspiring ad-free stories about older people.

It covers eveything from encore careers, age-friendly exercise and cooking, to skydiving, salsa dancing and creative hobbies.

You can find new episodes from Season 2 online or enjoy all the action from Season 1, which premiered last year.

Tune in to The GoodLife today