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How a band changed the world

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From Love Me Do to Yellow Submarine and Yesterday the Liverpudlian pop icons – The Beatles – certainly made their mark on music history.

It’s been more than 50 years since The Beatles last performed live in January 1969 (the band officially broke up in 1970) but their music is still popular and relevant today.

So what was it about this pop band that captured the hearts of people all over the world? We asked our residents whether they were fans and about their recollections of The Beatles.

Q: Were you a fan of The Beatles?

Barbara Lucas, IRT Links Seaside

Favourite Beatle – John Lennon

Favourite Beatles song Let It Be

“I liked to dance to their songs and I did get to meet three of them in 1964. My friend, John Howard, was a journalist and asked if I would like to go to a publicity event for Paul McCartney’s 22nd birthday. I got through all the thousands of screaming fans to get to their hotel in Sydney. A group of us girls went up to their apartment and a friend of mine made an Australian birthday cake for Paul too. I sat on the couch with John Lennon and we chatted about life in Australia and he asked about my UK travels. Years later my friend John wrote a book called The Beatles: Unseen and my photo from Paul’s birthday party is in the book.”

Dennis Hedges, IRT Macarthur

Favourite Beatle – Paul McCartney

Favourite Beatles song Let It Be

 “Absolutely. I clearly remember them coming to Sydney in 1964. I didn’t get to see them because we were living in Nowra. I was in an Anglican youth group that used to meet every Friday night. My friend John had the idea for four of us to dress up like The Beatles and perform. We all mimed. Then someone suggested we do a show at the RSL but when the audience realised we were miming we got booed off the stage.”

Sue Hedges, IRT Macarthur

Favourite Beatle – Paul McCartney

Favourite Beatles song Hey Jude

“I was 15 years old when they came to Australia. I watched them on the television because I came from a country town. I remember the fellowship girls used to go crazy and swoon over them. I was sad when they broke up.”

Beryl McKellar, IRT Macarthur

 Favourite Beatle – Paul McCartney

 Favourite Beatles song All You Need Is Love

“I saw them at Sydney Stadium twice. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and jumped up and down. The atmosphere was fantastic. They had beautiful music, no matter what song you heard, and the words were beautiful. I was very disappointed when they broke up.”

Judy Mercer, IRT Macarthur

 Favourite Beatle – Paul McCartney

 Favourite Beatles song Norwegian Wood

“My dad was a security guard with the department of civil aviation, so when celebrities arrived in Australia, he would be there to meet them off the plane. He got lots of autographs for us, including all The Beatles. When they came to Australia in 1964 all the young ones went crazy. There were girls fainting and screaming. Their music was great.”

Barbara Webster, IRT Woodlands

 Favourite Beatle – Ringo Starr

 Favourite Beatles song All You Need Is Love

“Yes, I was a fan. I thought they were brilliant. I remember when they came to Australia. I was very, very disappointed when they broke up. I had a lot of their albums.”

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