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Pat’s passion is for her community

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  • Pat Fordham has been actively involved with her local community
  • Connections are important to Pat
  • Social media helps to keep her connected
  • She enjoys karaoke
17 September 2018
An elderly female holding a soccer ball in retirement village garden
Pat Fordham gets much enjoyment from being active in her local community.

Pat Fordham has channelled her energy into soccer and veterans.

“I just love doing it."
Pat Fordham

Pat Fordham is a self-confessed ‘born organiser’.

The 72-year-old is an IRT at Home customer and despite not being in the best of health at times, she’s never let it hold her back.

Pat has been actively involved with her local community for years and has had a long association with veterans and her local soccer club.

“I just love doing it,” she says.

Veterans’ affairs have been a matter close to Pat’s heart – as her husband was a Vietnam Veteran – and she has had a long connection with the Shoalhaven Branch of the Vietnam Veterans’ Association.

“I did it because my husband was a Vietnam veteran and the vets were not treated well. It’s part of me and my life.”


Elderly lady holding a certificate in a lounge chair

Pat was made a life member of the association in 1997. “We had the best fun,” she says.

Pat organised social outings for the association – a job which she relished. “It brought so many veterans and families together and we always had great times.”

She had some time away from the association due to poor health, but has recently started organising dinners for the veterans again to help them keep in touch.

Another organisation which is very dear to Pat is Shoalhaven United Soccer Club – known as the Bears. “My children started playing with the club when they were six. My eldest son is now 48 years old and I was made a life member in 1998.”

Pat recently attended and spoke at the club’s 50th reunion event. Pat spent many years on the committee as club secretary. She was the canteen organiser, which she started by selling snacks out the back of her car boot. Today there is a canteen at Lyre Bird Park. She said she organised many of the best presentation nights too.

Karaoke is another passion of Pat’s and she enjoys belting out a few hits from the 60s each week. “But I have been singing a few Ed Sheeran songs lately,” she laughs.

Social media has also played a positive role in Pat’s life and she uses Facebook to re-connect with people and share her photos too.

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