Due to the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have implemented visitor restrictions at all our residential aged care centres. Read More

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Updated information for all visitors to an IRT Aged Care Centre

27 May 2021

Dear family member/resident representative,

Thank you for your support and cooperation as we respond to the ongoing risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenge of changing state health department directions.

You may be aware that the state of Victoria is currently managing a number of COVID-19 cases. In response to this other states including NSW, Qld and ACT have imposed new restrictions on anyone entering the state from areas of concern within Victoria. These restrictions include prevention of anyone from specific areas of Victoria from entering an aged care centre.

As these circumstances continue to change and cases may continue to be identified not only in Victoria but in other states, everyone is reminded to please check the relevant government websites below to ensure you have not been to a geographical area of concern, case venue, location or event of risk before visiting your loved one.




Visiting arrangements

Besides the current restriction on visitors from Melbourne or other affected areas, there continues to be no restriction on the number of visitors a resident can have each day or at any one time.

All visits are between 10am and 5pm – 7 days.

Appointments are not necessary for visits between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday but are necessary for visits at all other times including weekends – we cannot arrange a visit at those times without prior notice. While some of Government’s social distancing directions remain in place we are still required to manage numbers in the centre at any one time, so we would ask that you consider this before arranging your visit.

2021 Flu Vaccination

From Tuesday 1 June 2021, anyone entering an IRT aged care centre will be required to provide evidence that they have received the 2021 influenza vaccination. This applies to all IRT aged care centres in NSW, the ACT and Queensland.

The only exceptions are:

  • those with a medical exemption – the NSW Influenza Vaccine Medical Contraindication Form is required for those in NSW, and a medical certificate is required for those in the ACT and Queensland.
  • those who have a COVID-19 vaccination scheduled within 14 days, or have had a COVID-19 vaccination in the past 14 days. This is because there should be at least a 14 day gap between the COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer or Astra Zeneca) and the flu vaccination.

Compassionate end-of life visits will be considered for those who are not vaccinated (these may require consultation with the relevant Public Health Unit). Alternatives such as video calls, window visits and phone calls can also be arranged.

All other conditions of visiting continue to apply including the requirement to complete a wellness check. These details and information about resident outings can be found here.

Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance.

If you have any questions please contact your Care Manager.

Yours sincerely,

Nia Briguglio

EGM – Aged Care Centres

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