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Translating Assistive Robotic Technology to Aged Care Practice

21 June 2018

In an Australian first, a multidisciplinary UTS team, working with IRT residents and carers, evaluated their Assistive Robotics prototype machines in a residential setting.

Intelligent machines using advanced Assistive Robotics (AR) technologies can improve health, function and well-being in ageing populations. For users in residential care, they are safe, flexible and cost-effective; for stretched carers, they contain demands and enhance care.  The project will captured user and carer needs for future products and provided the base for a futher Age Matters Research Grant exploring assistive technology in in-home care practice.


Professor Gamini Dissanayake, University of Technology Sydney

Co-investigators: Professor Lynn Chenoweth, Professor Dikai Liu, Dr Ravindra Ranasinghe

Project duration: 18 months

Age Matters investment: $152,241

pdfFinal report (917KB)

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