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Policies are fundamental across IRT to ensure our mission of creating communities where seniors achieve their optimum quality of life is fulfilled. IRT pursues this mission with Integrity, Respect, and Trust as its underpinning purpose and values and our policies reflect this.

Code of conduct

IRT’s Code of Conduct provides a behavioural framework which informs the obligations and standards of behaviour expected by our people. The Code enables us to foster a workplace culture that delivers the highest standard of performance through our values of Integrity, Respect and Trust.

Whistleblower Policy

IRT encourages a culture of accountability and empowerment where our people feel safe to speak up on any concerns and be confident they will be heard. Our Reporting of Wrongdoing Policy outlines how IRT supports our people by providing a safe, reliable and confidential way of raising concerns.

Diversity policy

IRT’s Diversity and Inclusion Framework outlines our approach to recognising the growing diversity of Australia’s ageing population and how we are striving to cater for diverse needs through inclusive practices.

Director Remuneration Policy

IRT’s Board Remuneration Policy provides a clear framework in accordance with legislative and transparency requirements to ensure payments to Directors will be governed by a clear and rigorous policy and processes.

Modern Slavery Statement

IRT’s Modern Slavery Statement discloses the actions taken to identify and mitigate slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chain.

Voluntary assisted dying

IRT’s position on voluntary assisted dying can be found here

Board Composition, Performance and

Board’s Role and Responsibilities

IRT is governed by the Board of Directors. Details on their roles and responsibilities, independence, and powers are set out in the Board Charter.

Information relating to evaluating the performance of the Board, its Committees and Individual Directors can be found in the Board Charter and Individual Committee Charters. Details of annual performance evaluations are included in the Annual Report.

The process for evaluating the performance of senior executives can be found in the People, Culture & Remuneration Committee Charter.


The IRT Constitution governs the internal management of our Company and can be found here.

Board Composition

Current membership of the Board is set out below:

  • Michael Halloran – Independent Non-Executive Director (Chairman)
  • Dr Lee Moerman – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Anita Mulrooney – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Peter Fitzgerald – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Kellie Marshall – Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Michael Bassingthwaighte AM – Independent Non-Executive Director 
  • Jennifer Stuart Smith – Independent Non-Executive Director

Details of the Directors’ respective experience and qualifications can be viewed here.

Board Committees

Current membership of each Board Committee is as follows:

  • Audi, Risk and Compliance Committee: Peter Fitzgerald (Committee Chairman), Michael Halloran, Dr Lee Moerman, Anita Mulrooney
  • People and Culture Committee: Anita Mulrooney (Committee Chairman), Michael Halloran, Dr Kellie Marshall
  • Governance Committee: Michael Bassingthwaighte AM (Committee Chairman), Dr Kellie Marshall, Michael Halloran, Jennifer Stuart Smith

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