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Our home care services

We offer home care services throughout NSW, Qld and the ACT. The services available can vary based on where you live, the level of care you need and if you’re eligible for government funding.

Personal care

We can help with grooming, dressing, bathing, showering, shaving, continence and general body care.

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Cleaning and household tasks

Let us take care of domestic assistance, like cleaning and general household jobs, so you can continue doing more of the things you love.

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Getting out and about

We make it easy for you to run your errands, get from A to B and engage with your local community.

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Social connection

We can help you stay connected with family, friends and the local community.

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Health and wellbeing support

We can help you access allied health services like physiotherapy, podiatry and speech pathology to enhance your health and wellbeing.

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Home safety and security

We can fix locks, test smoke detectors and alarm systems, plus carry out home safety repairs or modifications.

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Nursing services

Professional, personalised care delivered in the comfort of your own home

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Self-manage your Home Care Package with IRT FlexiCare

Through our new offering IRT FlexiCare, you have the opportunity to self-manage your Home Care Package and take charge of your support.

Being more involved in your own care gives you greater choice, increased control and lower administration fees, leaving more funding in your pocket to spend on things that really matter to you.

Discover the difference with
IRT home care

As a community-owned provider we put people first. You can trust our experienced home care staff to understand you and meet your needs. We make it easy for you to use our services and keep connected with family and friends.


Be supported by qualified professionals you can trust.


Feel understood with home care services tailored to meet your needs.


Breathe easier with hassle-free home care and great customer service.


Be supported to get out and about, see family and friends, and connect online.

A woman hugging a another woman in a wheelchair
Home care worker with arm around older man

We're your trusted home care partner

IRT has been providing in home care and assisted living services for more than 25 years. We know what it takes to provide professional home care and aged care services you can rely on.


A dedicated team of qualified and experienced staff who you’ll look forward to seeing


Rigorous pre-employment screening of staff for your peace of mind


Care providers with expertise in personal care, health care, transport, shopping, social outings and home maintenance


A network of trusted allied health professionals.

As a community-owned provider we put people first. Helping you live your best life at home is our priority.

We make it easy,
every time​

Booking and using IRT home care services is a breeze. We make it easy for you to get the services you want, when you need them.


A specialised customer service team you can contact at any time to make, pay for or change a booking


A personal Customer Relationship Manager who’ll make sure you’re happy with our aged care services and have a great experience, every time


A team of qualified and supportive staff who get to know you and treat you like family.

Home care worker with customer
Home care worker with customer

We understand you

At IRT, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We take the time to understand you and your goals to live your best life at home. We tailor our home care services to meet your needs.


A dedicated Customer Relationship Manager to help you select and optimise your home support services


Flexible personal care, health care, transport, shopping, social outing, domestic assistance and home maintenance services tailored for your home


A dedicated team of home care staff who know how you like your cuppa (your services delivered how you want them)

We’ve got everything you need to know in one place

Looking for home support but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with expert information that’s easy to understand.

Home care worker assisting older man

Enquire about home care with IRT

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Stay at home with The Good Life

Get expert advice and the latest in home care.


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