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Get compassionate care in the right place, at the right time

IRT’s Journey of Care is a model of care that personalises the care experience for every resident. We recognise that every care journey is unique and honour the individual diversity of each resident.

Currently available at selected IRT aged care centres, the IRT Journey of Care incorporates two key elements:




Specialist Programs


Neighbourhoods cater for residents with similar care needs, allowing for staff specialisation, and tailored design of the physical environment and equipment that’s underpinned by research. IRT’s aged care centre neighbourhoods allow families to see their loved one ageing in the right place with the right care needs.

There are three IRT aged care centre neighbourhoods:


Vitality neighbourhood


Discovery neighbourhood


Serenity neighbourhood

Decals provide recognisable locations for residents of the IRT Woonona dementia wing

Vitality neighbourhood

This neighbourhood focuses on resident vitality and creating an environment where people come to live, not just receive care. Personalised care plans are developed in partnership with each resident, ensuring our ability to meet needs, wishes and requirements. This neighbourhood suits residents who are mentally and physically active or require minimal assistance with transfers or prompting to aid cognition.

Discovery neighbourhood

This neighbourhood focuses on discovering resident abilities, enabling them to live with dementia with independence, individuality and dignity. Residents’ lives are enhanced through best practice design of the built environment, underpinned by research based dementia design principles. This neighbourhood suits residents living with dementia who are mobile and active or require minimal assistance with transfers. 

Serenity neighbourhood

This neighbourhood focuses on compassionate care for residents’ physical needs, while also nurturing their spirit as they move towards end of life. Comfort, care and a holistic understanding of wellbeing is promoted. This neighbourhood suits residents with limited to no mobility and a life limiting illness or advancing dementia.

IRT carer smiling with elderly woman in retirement village

Specialist Programs

Our specialist programs support resident wellbeing in each neighbourhood, and at each stage of the care journey. By working in partnership with leading Australian researchers and health experts, we enrich residents’ quality of life, when they need it most.

There are three IRT aged care centre specialist programs:






Palliative Care


Our Montessori approach to people living with dementia provides an environment that supports residents to achieve greater independence, higher self-esteem and a sense of wellbeing. Montessori principles support people living with dementia to continue to make contributions of value to their community and engage in meaningful activities. The approach is flexible, innovative and grounded in research.

Namaste ‘Honour the spirit within’

Namaste is designed to achieve resident comfort and quality of life, by honouring the spirit within. Trained staff integrate sensory stimulation with meaningful activities into care delivery and encourage family members and friends to participate. Namaste supports residents who can no longer participate in traditional activities or are facing end stage dementia, and enables a sense of connection at a time when communication with loved ones is limited.

Palliative Care

Our palliative care experience promotes comfort, care and a holistic understanding of wellbeing. Residents are treated with dignity and respect as they approach end of life. We support our residents’ and their families through this time. With a range of signature recognition programs, our residents’ are honoured in life, and in passing. Every aged care centre is different, but options include:


Portable refreshment units for families visiting a loved one at end of life


Purple flower room signage to signify the imminent passing of a loved one, and butterfly room signage symbolising their passing


A Guard of Honour to farewell residents as they leave the aged care centre


A memorial book to celebrate the memory of the resident


A memory tree with cards of remembrance to commemorate those that have died.

IRT’s Journey of Care, supporting residents and families at each stage of their aged care journey


IRT’s Journey of Care supports residents to nurture their spirit and wellbeing at each stage of their care journey. Residents feel valued and understood. They live with residents with similar care needs in a purpose-designed environment, receive compassionate care from trained staff, and experience specialised programs grounded in the latest research. With the IRT Journey of Care, residents are respected and honoured, in life and in death.


Families have peace of mind and confidence in the quality of care and safety of their loved ones as they journey through our aged care centres. They’re enabled and empowered to participate in the care of their loved one. Through the IRT Journey of Care, families know their loved one will age in the right place with the right care. They’ll experience specialist programs, the right equipment and a built environment that supports their unique needs.

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost more to participate in IRT’s Journey of Care?

The Journey of Care model is a unique approach to delivering residential aged care. In most cases it won’t affect the cost of a resident’s accommodation and care.

Is the Journey of Care model available at every IRT aged care centre?

IRT is working to enable all residents to experience the benefits of our Journey of Care. The model is currently available at selected IRT aged care centres. Talk to your Care Manager to find out what is available to you.

If my loved one needs to move from their existing room to a new neighbourhood, who does the move?

The move will be coordinated with the family with assistance provided by staff/removalists where necessary.

Do residents need to move if they wish to stay where they are?

No. Residents do not have to move if they are unwilling or if their family does not want to undertake the move. Moving to a Journey of Care neighbourhood is voluntary for existing residents.

How do I know if/when my loved one will need to move?

A member of staff that you are familiar with will contact you and discuss the needs of your loved one and the possible transition to an alternate Journey of Care neighbourhood and what this may mean.

Will it cost more money to move to a Journey of Care neighbourhood?

No. If the resident needs to move to a Journey of Care neighbourhood then the existing pricing paid on admission stays in place and there are no moving costs.

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