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Personal emergency response system.

Essence is an emergency response system that enables seniors to live independently in and around their home. It utilises motion sensor monitoring to provide customers with seamless health monitoring and emergency response 24/7. 

To give carers and family more peace of mind, you can also access the Family app to view a daily activity report, receive notifications of activities outside of set parameters, and receive information during an emergency.

The Essence range is available to all IRT residents and customers. 

The Essence range uses a base unit, pendant and sensors to monitor the customer’s motion. Services range from emergency alerting to a professional home care solution which constantly learns and adapts to customers’ daily behaviour.

It’s highly customisable, enables the right response at the right time, and sends real time notifications and alerts. The product doesn’t need a phone line or internet connection.

When an emergency call is activated, the call centre will respond to assess the issue and correct response. A little help from a neighbour or family member is all that may be needed, which the call centre can arrange using the contact details that have been provided. In the case that an ambulance is deployed the call centre will notify emergency services of your medical history and any medication needed, while en route to your property.

IRT is currently trialling four Essence products:

  1. Essence PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) – Emergency response base unit with a wearable pendant.
  2. Essence Family – Includes the basic PERS system plus extra sensors and a Family app. This product allows family members to set rules for notifications and alerts. For example, you can choose to be notified if your loved one doesn’t get out of bed by 10am.  The sensors can be placed on toilet seats, doors, medicine cabinets, fridges and more.
  3. Emergency Pendant Active – Essence now offers you the freedom to be protected whilst you are out of your home. The Emergency Pendant Active (EPA) can be worn as a necklace or wrist watch. The EPA pairs with your mobile phone when leaving the home to offer the ability to raise an emergency alarm anywhere you have mobile phone reception. The EPA also features fall detection and will notify emergency services to your location within 5 metres. 
IRT Connect

IRT Connect

In-home entertainment device.

IRT Connect is an entertainment system powered by Swift Networks that gives residents access to a range of on-demand TV, movie and video options in their own home. Discounted phone and internet packages are also available through IRT Connect, and can be set up at the time of moving in.

IRT Connect has the ability to allow family members to share photos and messages with their loved ones via an app, and can also display notices and memos on the on-site electronic notice boards to keep residents informed and connected to village activities.

IRT Connect is currently being trialled at sites in the Illawarra. 


Easymile EZ10

Driverless car trial, developed for closed-site use.

Designed for use in residential aged care communities, Easymile EZ10  is an autonomous vehicle that aims to improve residents’ independence and quality of life.

The autonomous vehicle was programmed to operate as a shuttle service and follow a predetermined route to transport our IRT Kangara Waters residents to key locations on site. Building on this initial trial, the intention is to learn from the pilot and see if a scalable service for all of our larger sites is both viable and desirable. 

The Easymile EZ10 trial learnings were shared with local government and both the aged care and driverless car industry to help drive the future of autonomous transport.

The Easymile EZ10 was programmed to safely navigate private roads within IRT Kangara Waters in Canberra. The trial offered a 1km shuttle service with multiple stops connecting all residents to key locations on site, such as: the community centre, restaurant, medical centre and main reception.

The vehicle has multiple sensors, which alerts it to any changes in its immediate environment. If it detects someone crossing in front of the vehicle, or an obstacle on the road, it will readjust its path and speed accordingly.

IRT partnered with French company EasyMile to deliver the service for the trial. 



Resident monitoring system.

IRT has partnered with IotTag to co-develop a resident monitoring system that allows residential aged care centres to create a virtual electronic perimeter (or geo-fence) instead of a physical gate, to ensure residents are within safe boundaries of the site.

The aim is to remove barriers to freedom and the right to explore, without compromising residents’ safety and security.  

This project is rolling out across a number of IRT sites, commencing at the end of 2019.  

The IotTag can be worn, sewn into clothing or attached to residents’ personal property, and alerts staff when they go beyond each of the virtual perimeters. The resident’s location can be accessed in real time via an electronic map.

There can be a secondary virtual perimeter, carving out a ‘safe’ zone beyond the first boundary, which could include destinations such as the local shops, club and hairdressers.

If the boundary is crossed real time notifications are displayed, enabling staff members to react quickly and ensure the residents’ safety isn’t compromised.

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