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IRT registers to the
Retirement Living Code of Conduct

The Retirement Living Code of Conduct came into effect on 1 January 2020.

The Code is a combined initiative of the Retirement Living Council and Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), who represent retirement operators across Australia. The Code was formulated in consultation with retirement operators, residents and other stakeholders.

This voluntary Code’s vision is to promote and protect the independence, privacy, dignity, happiness, safety and security of older people through the provision of specialised, quality housing and support services, within a community environment.

It covers all aspects of a residents’ experience in a retirement village: from signing the contract and moving into a retirement village, the on-site living experience, to leaving a village and re-selling the unit or apartment.

IRT believes the Code is a vital step to improve the customer experience throughout the retirement living sector, and one which will build stakeholder trust and confidence. It sets standards above and beyond statutory obligations, and is critical to ensuring that the retirement living industry can provide current and future residents with an exceptional quality of service.

IRT is proud to be one of the first signatories to the Code, supporting our commitment to providing high standards and attaining high resident satisfaction at our retirement villages.

Make a Wise Move with IRT

IRT is proud to support the Retirement Living Council’s ‘A Wise Move’ campaign, which aims to increase awareness of the industry, by educating and sharing the benefits of retirement living.

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