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This photo was taken before social distancing measures came into place.

Say thanks this Aged Care Employee Day

Aged Care Employee Day is on 7 August. To acknowledge this special day, you can say thanks to someone you know who works at IRT by letting us know how special they are to you and your family.

Use the form below to tell us a bit about the person you want to thank. We’ll take it from there and share your thanks on this page and with our Facebook followers. We may even feature some of the employees with photos or videos.

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Take a moment to tell us about someone who works at IRT who deserves a big “thank you”. Showing your appreciation means so much.

This photo was taken before social distancing measures came into place.

A message from our CEO

It takes a special someone to work in aged care. While every aged care employee has highly valued practical skills – whether they’re a nurse, a care worker, a driver, a chef, a cleaner, a maintenance worker or a lifestyle officer – it’s the way aged care employees interact with the elderly loved ones in their care that makes them all extraordinary. 

A guiding hand. A watchful eye. A reassuring smile. Patience, empathy, love.

These qualities are just as important as the many skills required to make an impact on the happiness and wellbeing of our residents, customers and their families.

So on this Aged Care Employee Day, thank you to every aged care employee. 

Thank you for your practical skills, and for the skills no amount of training can ever teach, but make such a difference to so many people’s lives.

Patrick Reid,

Your messages

Say thank you

Just a big thank you to all the staff in Ribbonwood level one and two for being there for me and my son, and later with my dog bubbles we visited residents as volunteers. They are one big family and very welcoming and we are thinking of all staff at this time – keep strong.

Beverley, IRT Woonona

I came to William Beach Gardens for respite and I found it so warm and lovely and really enjoyed it so I decided to make the move permanently. I love all of the people and staff, everyone is so pleasant and helpful.

Anne-Marie, IRT William Beach Gardens

I feel at home here surrounded by many friends and the incredible staff after living alone in the bush for 17 years.

Pat, IRT William Beach Gardens

After living in William Beach Gardens self-care for 31 enjoyable years I transitioned into the care centre for some extra help. I find everyone here very helpful, kind and considerate. Even in lockdown there is still great company and we are safe from the worst. I enjoy spending all of the activities and chats with Tegan, Jo and George, they really brighten my day.

Reg, IRT William Beach Gardens

I enjoy the company and I’m very thankful for the staff and everything they do for me and the activities that are on offer.

Margaret, IRT William Beach Gardens

 I’m here because I want to be here. Why? After having my wife receive Home Care I knew IRT was the place to be. IRT are always on the ball, they have never missed a beat and I take my hat off to them.

Neal, IRT William Beach Gardens

I love being surrounded by many friends and love spending time with Tegan and Jo. I’m very thankful for everything they do for me. It’s always a pleasure to join George for a singalong.

Coral, IRT William Beach Gardens

I love being surrounded by many friends and love spending time with Tegan and Jo. I’m very thankful for everything they do for me. It’s always a pleasure to join George for a singalong.

Coral, IRT William Beach Gardens

Thanking you kindly, Lynne for all of your professional help in various ways. I would also like to say to Franki – thanks for your professional help during my over 18 years of living at IRT Sarah Claydon. Sincere thanks to all staff at IRT Sarah Claydon.

Lawrence, IRT Sarah Claydon

To all care staff, RNs, allied healths, CC,CM, workforce team, cleaner, kitchen staff and everyone who’s involved in our centre.

Thank you very much for you dedication and hard work. We can do this together, especially the Jacaranda team – the team work that you show each and every day is amazing and it is my privilege to work with you all. Thank you for welcoming me.

Yanti, IRT Thomas Holt Kirrawee

Thank you to all the beautiful staff at Greenwell Gardens, you all go over and above for our loved ones and us, we appreciate everything you do, love you heaps xxxx

Maree, IRT Greenwell Gardens

Thank you to Anna who was extremely helpful to my mother-in-law, and also to her daughter who came to visit Mum often. Thanking you kindly to all staff at IRT Sarah Claydon.

Lawrence, IRT Sarah Claydon

I was an aged care nurse myself for years. Tarrawanna is a beautiful place and the staff will do anything for you. It’s wonderful living here.

Elizabeth, IRT Tarrawanna

All the staff do a wonderful job, especially Cheryl who goes out of her way to make me laugh and put a smile on my face.

David, IRT Tarrawanna

I was coming here to visit my husband when he lived here, I then decided to move in as well and I’ve never regretted it. The place is so clean, all the staff are nice to talk to and go out of their way to help you.

Norma, IRT Tarrawanna

Glenn is a wonderful Lifestyle Manager and is greatly appreciated by all us residents.

Pam, IRT Kangara Waters

Thank you to my work colleagues.

Helen, IRT Woonona

A big thank you to all teams in the Illawarra aged care centres for the hard work and care you have provided to our residents! I am privileged to work with you all.

Kristy, Illawarra Home Care Region

Thanks to the lifestyle/welfare team at Greenwell Gardens. Over the 11 years Dad has been in your care he and his family have been treated with respect and utmost consideration. So much care in the 12 years our parents have lived there it’s hard to name them all but Sharon must be mentioned. Her assistance in ensuring dad had a special 92nd birthday in these COVID times of separation goes above and beyond expectations. Thank you Sheree for your friendly help over the years. As none of us live locally , FaceTime hosted by Sharon and Melissa have been a lifeline for our family . The caring way they provide this service is inherent in their nature . Thank you for the personal effort you put into keeping us connected and the emotional toll it must take on you too in these COVID times of separation. Know your caring and personal nature makes a huge difference to our family and especially dad and mum’s quality of life.

Tricia, IRT Greenwell Gardens

My grateful and sincere thanks for the extraordinary care you showed to my wife Rosemary, especially during her last days. She could not have had better care anywhere and I will always be grateful for this.

David, IRT ST Georges Basin

Thank you to the whole team for caring for both of my parents with compassion and professionalism. It means so much to my siblings and me to know they’re in good hands.

Jane, IRT Crown Gardens

Thank you so much to Leanne Turner and her wonderful team at IRT Moruya. The dedication and commitment shown throughout the 2020 Bushfires was nothing short of amazing. The ongoing support you all show to the much loved residents is greatly appreciated.

Jenny, IRT Moruya

I have two people that I love at Links Seaside. My grandma and my husband’s grandma. Both women did not want to move into a ‘home’ and really struggled when they first arrived. Now they both absolutely love where they live. The social aspect at Links Seaside is so amazing for both of them. Both of them never stop talking about how amazing the care they receive is and how they are so well looked after. Thank you to all of the staff for caring for these amazing women

Carly, IRT Links Seaside

Thanks once again to everyone looking after my mum in these strange times. It’s really hard not being able to visit but I feel happier knowing she is being cared for and kept busy. Thanks to the staff who deliver the drop offs three times a week and arrange her flowers as well. All your help is much appreciated.

Bernadette, IRT Links Seaside

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