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Residential Aged Care
Feb 21, 2023

10 benefits of studying an aged care course

Learn about the benefits of studying an aged care course, from getting job-ready to government-subsidised training.

With an ageing population in Australia, the demand for trained and experienced aged care workers will only continue to increase. If you’re considering going into this line of work or you’re thinking about further developing your existing skill-set, here are the top benefits of studying an aged care course.

1. Get job-ready

Whether you wish to start out as an aged care worker or get promoted to a care manager role, studying an aged care course is your best bet for making yourself valuable to employers.

Besides looking good on paper, your aged care course will prepare you with all the practical skills and knowledge you need, plus give you the confidence to excel in your desired role.

2. Gain a high-quality education

It’s vital that you choose a reputable trainer to ensure you get a high-quality education. IRT Academy is a registered training organisation with 25 years’ experience developing aged care workers. 

3. Learn practical skills

The great thing about studying an aged care course is that you get lots of opportunity to practice the skills you learn, both in and out of the classroom. Classroom environments often include demonstrations, mannequins and real-life equipment for you to learn the essential on-the-job skills. What’s more, many courses include a work placement at an aged care centre, which is the ideal way to put theory into practice so that you feel prepared for the job.

4. Get a promotion

If you’re ready to take your aged care career to the next level, upskilling with the help of an aged care course is an excellent choice.

For example, taking a leadership and management course could be the perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills required to land that next promotion.

5. Sharpen your skills

Studying an aged care course is a great way to strengthen or expand your current skill-set. Whether you wish to refresh your knowledge and abilities or advance your career, there are a range of courses that can give you a leg up when you’re looking for employment.

6. Build your confidence

Undertaking formal training is a great way to build your self-confidence, whether you’re new to the aged care industry or just feel like you’ve become a bit rusty. For example, CPR and First Aid training are often skills that benefit with a refresher course.

7. Make a positive impact on people’s lives

Working in aged care is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding careers in the health care sector. You have the ability to truly make a difference to people’s lives by improving their quality of life and providing companionship and connection when it’s needed most.

8. Make new friends

Studying a course with like-minded people is also a great way to connect with others and build your network. With lots of interactive exercises, group discussions and role plays, you’re bound to finish the course with a few new friends.

9. Learn how to take care of an ageing loved one

Another great benefit of studying aged care is that you’ll be well-equipped to help care for your own older family members or friends too. People have wonderful intentions, but trying to offer support to a loved one without any formal training can be challenging and overwhelming for everyone involved. With an aged care education and training, you’ll have the ability and confidence to properly take care of people close to you when they need it.

10. Save money with a government subsidy

Did you know that the state government in Australia might offer fully or partly subsidised course fees when you study aged care? It’s a pretty incredible benefit. If you’re eligible, you can save quite a lot financially through government support - definitely not something that’s available for many other courses out there!

Get job-ready with IRT Academy

IRT Academy is a registered training organisation with 25 years’ experience which offers aged care qualifications, short courses and skillset packages. Find out more about our courses and how they can help you find a rewarding role in aged care.

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