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Thank you for making a difference in older Australians' lives

The Age Matters sincerely thanks you for your generous donation. You are helping us to empower all older Australians to live free from disadvantage.

Age Matters is committed to partnering with the community on a range of initiatives that will reshape perspectives of ageing. We’re doing this through our Social Impact Strategy, focusing on the following initiatives:

Providing disadvantaged older Australians with access to supporting housing – through the provision of homeless placement services and increasing stock available to house disadvantaged older Australians

Linking disadvantaged older Australians to relevant services by engaging with service partners to build capacity and empowering older people to regain independence and control

Enhancing the lives of older Australians through social and civic participation to ensure they’re engaged and live active, purpose-filled lives by providing opportunities to participate in paid or unpaid employment.

Thank you again for your support.

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