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What is CHSP?

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) is a government-subsidised program that helps older people who are managing well at home but just need a little bit of assistance with daily tasks. It provides access to subsidised home care services such as help around the house or personal care as well as respite services to provide carers a break.

CHSP works with you to maintain your independence with daily life, so there’s more emphasis on helping you do things for yourself rather than doing things for you. As your needs change and you require some case management assistance or more support than what CHSP can give, you can be referred for a Home Care Package.

Home care worker with customer

Our services

We offer home care services throughout NSW, Qld and the ACT. The services available can vary based on where you live, the level of care you need and if you’re eligible for government funding.

Personal care

Assistance with daily hygiene tasks e.g. showering, dressing and grooming

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Cleaning and household tasks

Help with cleaning and keeping your home in order e.g. vacuuming and washing clothes

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Getting out and about

Assistance with getting you to appointments and activities in the community

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Social connection

Help with participating in the community and remaining connected socially

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Health and wellbeing support

Help with maintaining mobility through things like physio and podiatry

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Home safety and security

Help with security, safety and minor jobs around the house e.g. getting a grab rail installed

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Nursing services

Help with treating and managing medical needs at home e.g. wound care

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How does it work?

CHSP support is funded in two ways:

  1. Government contribution (or subsidy)
  2. Your contribution (service fees)

If you’re approved for funding, the government pays your home care provider a subsidy to arrange home care services to meet your needs. Once you’re on the program, you’ll be given referral codes for the service types the government has approved you for. We work with you to decide which services you need.

Am I eligible?

CHSP services are available for seniors who need basic support with daily life. If you or your loved one is having difficulty managing at home, then you may be eligible.  If you’re over 65 (or over 50 for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people), you can request an assessment and apply for CHSP services via My Aged Care.

How do I apply?

If you’re still living at home and need low-level support with everyday tasks, you or your carer can apply for CHSP through My Aged Care.

At IRT, we’re always happy to help at any stage of the process.

Step 1: Register and apply for an assessment

Register on My Aged Care or by phone on 1800 200 422 to check your eligibility to receive government-funded services including a CHSP. This quick phone call will cover:

  • Information about your current needs and circumstances
  • Any services you may already receive

If your support needs are deemed as low-level

You’ll be contacted by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) for a face-to-face assessment.

If you have higher more complex needs

You will be contacted by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to organise a face-to-face assessment in your home for a Home Care Package.

Step 2: Have your RAS assessment

Once contacted, a RAS assessor will meet you with face-to-face and ask you a number of questions and look at your ability to cope with various activities in your daily life. You will discuss:

  • Your day-to-day activities
  • Your personal goals
  • What you can currently do well
  • What you may need some help doing

Once you have been assessed and deemed eligible for services under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, your assessor will:

  • Provide you with a referral code
  • Work with you to create a personalised support plan.

Your home support plan will be tailored to meet your needs and may include a number of strategies or advice to keep you living independently at home.

Note: If you aren’t approved for CHSP, We may still be able to organise some private home care services for you. Simply call us on 134 478 or enquire online to discuss your options.

Step 3: Begin and manage your services

Once you have been approved, provide us with your referral code and we’ll discuss:

  • Your needs and goals
  • Costs and fees
  • The services you would like to receive
  • Our staff

If you are happy to proceed, we’ll provide you with a formal agreement which outlines:

  • Costs and fees
  • Your aged care rights
  • Your customer representative details

Note: To make sure your needs are continued to be met, one of our dedicated customer relationship managers will meet with you quarterly to review your care plan to make sure the services you are receiving are still meeting your needs and goals.

To find out more about the full application process, visit our page which breaks down the ACAT Assessment.

If you need some guidance through the process of applying for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, we’re always happy to lend a hand! Just give us a call on 134 478.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme Scenario - David, 88

David’s backstory

David, 88, is quite independent, however, his wife has passed away and she used to take care of most of the cooking and cleaning. He isn’t very skilled at these tasks and requires help, especially with tasks that require bending down, such as cleaning the shower. He also needs help doing groceries each week and going on outings.

Recommended services 

Domestic assistance and social support

What he gets

1.5 hours per week of domestic assistance to help him with cooking meals and cleaning jobs that are too difficult for him. He manages with easier household tasks such as doing laundry. David also receives 1 hour per week of social support which includes travel.

What he pays

$13.50 per hour, plus $1.10 per kilometre of travel to the shops

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Need help with this process?

We’d love to find out more about you to see how we can help. Our Customer Service team operates from 8:30am – 5pm 7 days a week. Call us on 134 478.

Don’t have time to call? Submit an online enquiry form and our friendly team will be in touch.

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