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Important information for visitors to IRT's Aged Care Centres

20 June 2024

At IRT we are focused on balancing our residents’ wellbeing and the risk of an outbreak of transmissible infection, including COVID-19, in our aged care centres.  

After the past three years of pandemic-related disruption to regular visiting to our aged care centres we are committed to doing all we can to keep them open to visitors so everyone can enjoy time with family and friends.

We all have a part to play in achieving this, and ask that if you are planning to visit one of our aged care centres or take a resident out of their care centre for an outing, that you please consider the Dos and Don’ts below, and click here for more detailed information.

Please be aware that restrictions and changes to arrangements may apply if the aged care centre you are planning to visit is managing an outbreak of transmissible infection. Sometimes they must be implemented quickly and at short notice, so before visiting you may like to phone the aged care centre to check.