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Age Matters’s Mature Workforce Participation Roundtable brought together advocates, business community leaders and mature-age workers to discuss how we can change community perceptions on working beyond traditional retirement age. The roundtable also explored the role of organisational culture in welcoming mature age workers at the Illawarra-first event.

The event was one of the commitments of the Mature Workforce Initiative Statement of Intent, which formalised the partnership between Age Matters and the Australian Human Rights Commission. The organisations are working to change perceptions about mature age workers to improve choice and quality of life for over 50s.

Key discussion points included

  • The challenge of our ageing population in relation to workforce participation
  • Illawarra examples of leadership in mature workforce participation
  • Shifting community perceptions so people start to look at 60+ as active working years
  • Changing organisational culture/perceptions to harness the benefits of employing older workers

With an engaging and interactive day of panel sessions and group workshops, pictured below, the Roundtable gave a clear direction for the region to improve participation rates for mature workers. As the Illawarra economy is in a state of transition, it was agreed that there was a need to support both employers and employees to better understand the opportunities through innovative employment strategies, and to build a stronger economy to provide jobs for both young and old.

If you would like to know more about the results of the Illawarra Mature Workforce Participation Roundtable, or to hear more about possible employment programs for your workplace, please call our customer service team on 134 478.

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