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Resident Stories
Oct 18, 2023

Aged care resident Vea is very happy living at his IRT community

We caught up with IRT aged care centre resident Mesuilame Vea to hear about his experience living at IRT Berala on the Park Aged Care Centre.

Mesuilame Vea, known by friends and family as Vea, is a resident at IRT Berala on the Park Aged Care Centre who moved into an IRT aged care centre in April 2023. He was born in Tonga and English is his second language.

What prompted Vea’s move into an aged care centre?

Vea said after some health problems, he needed to move into aged care and his daughter helped him find a place at IRT.

What’s it been like at IRT?

He said he’s happy living at IRT Berala on the Park and describes his room as perfect.

“I’m very happy with everything here.”

“I’m so happy. It’s very good for me, the way of the workers here, living here together. They’re very good to me and I feel so happy here.”

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How does Vea enjoy his free time at the community?

Vea participates in daily lifestyle activities which he enjoys. He said he likes all the lifestyle activities and regularly plays bingo and often wins, adding that everyone at the community is very nice to him.

He’s particularly fond of the resident BBQs (see picture below of Vea helping out at a BBQ).

 “BBQ, ohhh! It’s lovely. Everything here I appreciate and I feel very happy. I thank everyone here.”

Rota agreed that he loves the BBQ and joining in activities, adding that he's a popular resident at IRT Berala.

"He's a very humble man, very respectful man. He is very polite. He loves all the activities and he enjoys talking to other residents."

"I think the ladies like him because he interacts very well with them. He always talks very nicely to them."

Why Vea loves his IRT neighbourhood

IRT Berala on the Park is a proudly multicultural community with residents and staff alike from many diverse cultural backgrounds.

“I know some of the workers here are from Europe and when we talk, it’s very friendly. They talk (in a) friendly (way) and it’s very good”

“I have no problem mixing together with the other different cultures. It’s not a problem to me. We are here together helping each other, it’s very good.”

Why IRT Lifestyle Officer Rota loves her job

It seems the feeling is mutual for IRT Berala staff, too.

Rota Seileka (pictured above with Vea) is a Lifestyle Officer who has worked at IRT Berala for more than 25 years in various care roles and loves her work.

She said it's different working for IRT because there are many opportunities to grow in your aged care career and maintain your skills.

"I'm grateful for IRT. With IRT, you have a lot of opportunities, lots of online training, to do refresher courses for your job."

She said her favourite part about working at the culturally diverse community though is getting to know the residents and their stories and cultures.

"The thing I enjoy the most is getting to know the residents. That's the main thing. Because it's such a multicultural facility, just to know them, to know their life stories is just amazing." 

"Just to put a smile on their face makes me happy."

She said working in the Lifestyle team has given her an opportunity to learn even more about the residents as part of her role.

"You need to know more about their life story and what they're capable of, what they love to do and their culture. You know what they want and don't want and it's really interesting.

"Sometimes in the morning when you sit down and hold their hands and give them comfort, it's really nice. To give someone comfort and give them a smile, it's just... I just love it."

Vea certainly appreciates the kindness and heartfelt support, too.

“I’m very happy with everything here. The food, the way of the workers, everyone is very good to me.”

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