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Volunteering with a difference | HARS Air Museum

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03 January 2019

The Historical Aviation Restoration Society, or HARS, is a volunteer-led organisation that runs one of the biggest air museums in Australia.

The HARS Air Museum is based out of a working hangar where the exhibits are restored to working condition and even flown by some of the members. The HARS team boast that they’re one of the few museums that not only allow, but encourage visitors to get into and touch the exhibits.

"[HARS] Makes me feel Worthwhile."

Ian Squires
Retired pilots, stewards, engineers, and even those with no background in aviation are amongst their volunteers, and in speaking to them about why they do what they do we found that Volunteering with HARS can be life changing. 

Jim Thurstan, a recent recipient of the Grand Masters Australian Medal, says about HARS, ‘In retirement, it’s a good deal”, whilst standing in front of his latest restoration project smirking proudly. One particular volunteer who is living with Parkinson’s Disease says that volunteering at HARS, “makes me feel worthwhile”. 

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