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Residential Aged Care
Mar 02, 2020

The personal approach

IRT Crown Gardens and IRT Moruya residents have had the opportunity to customise the entry to their rooms and the results are amazing.

Jack Tuck

Residents at IRT Moruya and IRT Crown Gardens (Batemans Bay) have recently had the opportunity to personalise their doors with custom photo decals. The initiative creates a sense of belonging and happiness, allowing each resident to reflect on their life’s journey. The door decals are a feature of IRT’s Journey of Care – a model which personalises care for every resident.

02 March 2020
Roy George


Roy George discovered his passion for painting in high school and continues to express his creativity at the age of 79. The door to his room at IRT Crown Gardens in Batemans Bay features an artwork he painted ten years ago in art class. He has an easel and canvas set up in his room, and says it makes him happy to see his own work on display. “I still paint when I’m inspired, when I have an urge to do something, I do it,” Roy says.

Miriam Turnbull


Born, raised and married in Moruya, Miriam Turnbull met her late husband at a Friday night dance party in Moruya’s town hall. Married on her 19th birthday, Miriam describes her marriage as “love at first sight that went on for 60-odd years.” Miriam stands here outside her room at IRT Moruya next to a photo panel featuring one of her favourite wedding photos.

Daryl Robertson


Daryl Roberson always had a passion for photography. He spent many memorable times in his darkroom developing black and white images. Ironically, in the photo on the wall next to his room at IRT Moruya, he is in front of the camera and not behind it. The picture, which was taken when he was four years old and standing beside his uncle’s truck, brings back memories from his childhood at Stony Creek in the Bega Valley Shire.

Milly Southwell


Milly Southwell receives many positive comments about her wedding day photograph, which adorns the wall next to her room at IRT Moruya. She sewed the gown and all her bridesmaids’ dresses herself, in her garage, where she and her family lived while their house was built.

Jack Tuck


Jack Tuck is 101 years old and spent 73 of those years married to his late wife Rita. Jack and Rita met when he was 20 years old and they enjoyed spending Sunday afternoons admiring Sydney city centre together. Pictured in this photo are the two of them enjoying one of their leisurely Sunday afternoons together in Hyde Park.

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