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Telehealth remote monitoring for people with multiple chronic conditions

21 June 2018

This study was a randomised controlled trial of telehealth remote monitoring for people with multiple chronic illnesses.

Patients were provided with equipment and trained to measure their vital signs daily which were then reviewed remotely by a nurse. The aim of the project was to promote early intervention to detect deterioration in the client’s condition before they require hospitalisation.  The project also hoped to empower older individuals to take a more active role in managing their chronic illness.

The findings did not indicate a substantial reduction in hospital stays for telehealth users, however participants found telehealth very beneficial to help manage their chronic conditions.


Professor Gill Lewin, Silver Chain and Curtin University

Co-investigators: Joanna Smith, Kristen De Miguel

Project duration: 2 years

Age Matters investment: $187,683

pdfFinal report (211KB)

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