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Northern Rivers expo advises seniors on ‘encore careers’

14 February 2018

Age Matters will hold its third Career Check-Up Expo for Mature Workers on 13 March in Ballina in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

The Foundation’s two previous Expos, held in Canberra and Wollongong, each attracted around 200 seniors in search of knowledge and information about planning their encore careers and retirement.

“The increase in minimum age eligibility for the pension, combined with increasing life expectancy, means mature age workforce participation is a growing issue for policymakers and people approaching retirement,” said Age Matters Manager, Toby Dawson.

“Many people will now need to continue working longer to survive financially, and the Career Check-Up Expo can help them plan their future careers, working into their 60s and beyond,” Mr Dawson said.

“The reality is that people who fail to plan for an encore career are more likely to end up
jobless. Career planning is crucial, particularly for older workers.”

This is where Age Matters’s Career Check-Up Expo for Mature Workers can help. The Expo is a one-stop-shop for people aged over 45 looking for advice on career planning, education and
training, financial planning and job seeking services.

This new mature workforce is also creating opportunities for businesses,” Mr Dawson said. “

“Older workers are creating new opportunities for training providers, increasing diversity in workplaces by sharing their experience with younger colleagues and the cohort is one of the strongest drivers of economic activity in the country.”

Age Matters is putting the call out to businesses across the Northern Rivers region to promote their services to older workers, whether it be in financial planning, training, employment or HR related fields.

The Expo has received funding by the NSW Government’s Liveable Communities Grants program in recognition of the importance of a thriving mature age workforce. Australia’s ageing population,
and a declining number of people of traditional working age, mean we need to start thinking laterally about how best to use our existing human resources to promote ongoing economic growth.

The culture of workplaces also needs to change to enable qualified older employees to secure, and retain, employment.

“Our research has found that age discrimination is rife in Australian workplaces, and there’s not enough innovation and flexibility to attract and retain mature age workers,” said Age Discrimination Commissioner Dr Kay Patterson, who will be attending the Expo.

“The Career Check-Up Expo is an opportunity for older workers to plan for their career futures, as we continue to encourage workplaces to accept qualified employees of all ages.”

To participate and register either for a free exhibition stall or as an attendee, visit

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