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Live Well at Home

Live Well at Home gives you access to allied health services from the comfort of your home to get you back doing the things you love.

Keep doing the
things you love

IRT has partnered with Guide Healthcare to bring you Live Well at Home, a program that gives you access to allied health services in the comfort of your home, to get you living your best life.

We’ll work with you for 6 or 12 weeks to identify your specific needs and create an individualised plan to help you maintain your independence, stay healthy and enjoy a better quality of life.

Our allied health professionals work with you to establish goals like:
✓ Improve walking or balance
✓ Reduce pain
✓ Rebuild confidence
✓ Manage risk of falls
✓ Get back to enjoying activities like golfing, dancing and gardening.

Our Services

Our Live Well at Home services are designed to fit into your life. Our allied health professionals are available 5 days a week, making it easy to arrange a home visit at a time that best suits you. Access allied health services like:


Work on your movement, strength, mobility and balance to rebuild or enhance function, reduce pain and regain your confidence.


Jump in the pool and take the pressure off your muscles to enjoy a pain free workout while improving your balance, fitness and circulation. 

Exercise physiology

Take part in fun exercises to improve your quality of life and manage any chronic conditions.


Get a comprehensive initial and ongoing assessment of the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Occupational therapy

Make the most out of your daily activities and discus any daily challenges you may have so we can give you advice on equipment and home modification ideas to make your life easier.

Speech pathology

Receive communication support, including developing communication accessible health information and decision making procedures and protocols.


Enjoy an individual dietary plan that suits your needs. We work with you to create these plans to make sure they’re realistic, achievable and sustainable. 

John, 94

John fractured his right hip after having a fall. Eight weeks into his Live Well at Home program, he is back playing golf.

“Golf is what gives me pleasure. It’s wonderful to be back out on the course. I honestly didn’t think I would be.”

Our Prices

Your customised program can include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and podiatry.

6 week program: $132 per session
12 week program: $121 per session
One off visit: $165

Or if your customised program includes speech pathology or dietetics:

6 week program: $270 per session
12 week program: $256 per session
One off visit: $330

All Live Well at Home services can be paid for through your Home Care Package.

Getting started with Live Well at Home

1. Contact your Customer Relationship Manager

We’ll  help you set up a visit from one of our experts.

2. Your first appointment

We’ll complete an assessment of your needs and discuss what you’d like to work on to reach your goals.

3. We’ll create your plan

Your personalised plan may include treatments or therapies to help you feel better, easy to do home exercises, home modification or assistive aid recommendations.

4. Work towards your goals

The package includes 5 or 11 visits after the initial assessment from our allied health team.

5. Summary report

Once you’ve finished the 12 weeks, we’ll give you a summary report so you can see how much you’ve improved.

Enjoy the benefits of being an IRT home care customer, and sign up to our Live Well at Home program today. Call 134 478 or chat to your Customer Relationship Manager.

Live Well at Home Program Terms and Conditions

  1. The Live Well at Home program is available to existing IRT Home Care Package customers in participating locations. 
  2. Participants must have sufficient funds in their home care package budget to cover the cost of their chosen program.
  3. The 6 week program comprises 6 x sessions of up to 60 minutes each, with an allied health professional.
  4. The 12 week program comprises 12 x sessions of up to 60 minutes each, with an allied health professional.
  5. The first session in each program is an initial assessment of needs and goals and the creation of a plan. The remaining sessions in the program are treatments and therapies identified in that plan.
  6. Sessions are available on weekdays, excluding public holidays, during normal business hours. All sessions must be completed within 12 months of the initial session.
  7. The sessions can be run consecutively. For example, 2 hours with an allied health professional will constitute 2 sessions of 60 minutes each.
  8. Additional costs will apply where home modifications, assistive aids or other equipment are recommended in connection with the program.
  9. Participant will need to pay an additional cost for entry into public pools and will need to arrange their own transportation to and from the venue.
  10. Once a session is scheduled, it can only be re-scheduled or cancelled by providing at least 24 hours’ notice on a weekday. Otherwise the cost of the scheduled session will be charged.

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