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Residential Aged Care
Aug 17, 2022

Bringing the generations together

Once a month families with young children gather at IRT Moruya Aged Care Centre for an intergenerational playgroup.

IRT Moruya residents and local families enjoy coming together for a playgroup session.

Aged Care Employee Pei-Shan Wu used to bring her children into the aged care centre during the school holidays.

She felt the centre’s residents would benefit from young people visiting the IRT community on a more regular basis.

Pei-Shan got in touch with Eurobodalla Shire Council, which runs the local playgroup, about having one of its sessions at IRT Moruya. She made contact with Lisa Heinze, who is council’s Coordinator Supported Playgroups.

“I spoke to her about having a playgroup session at IRT and she was very keen,” Pei-Shan says.

IRT Moruya residents and local families enjoy coming together for a playgroup session.IRT Moruya residents and local families enjoy coming together for a playgroup session.

Lisa says she thought it is a nice idea for the families who are involved with playgroup to connect with the residents. She also spoke to a family day care provider which runs an intergenerational playgroup to find out how it’s done.

“Intergenerational playgroups invites older people and families with young children to connect with their community, engage in fun, playful experiences and celebrate the richness of each generation,” says Lisa.

The wider community was very supportive of the idea and there was a great response.

“People have been so supportive,” Pei-Shan says. “And it went really well.”

The one-hour session includes free playtime, singing nursery rhymes and morning tea.

“The kids liked the residents’ walkers because they have wheels,” Pei-Shan laughs. “They all sing nursery rhymes together.”

Pei-Shan says there are some residents who simply can’t leave the aged care centre for outings, so the intergenerational playgroup is a nice way to bring the community into IRT Moruya.

Learn more about the benefits of intergenerational relationships.

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