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Down in the garden

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IRT Maintenance Gardener Brian Wardhaugh

In this gardening feature IRT Maintenance Gardener, Brian Wardhaugh, reflects on wisdom and gardening.

21 January 2022
"Experienced gardeners have usually made all their mistakes through trial and error and learnt from them."
Brian Wardhaugh
IRT Maintenance Gardener

With lockdown life and COVID-19 the defining features of 2021, and vaccinations promising a return to a new normal, the summer garden beckons as a place to entice and enchant.

Much depended on mid to late spring rain, with good falls allowing for a riot of growth and colour from the usual array of summer all-stars, many from the tropics and subtropics that cope with periodic drying and episodic, intense rainfall.

Summer is always a season to look forward to (bushfires excluded).

With this edition’s theme focusing on wisdom I’d like to share my number one gardening tip – grow the right plant in the right place.

Choosing the correct plant for its soil and water requirements, sun/shade/wind tolerance and ultimate size will save on maintenance, cost and grief down the track.

Experienced gardeners have usually made all their mistakes through trial and error and learnt from them. They can tend to be ruthless, with little appetite for under-performing plants and have long-term vision.

They also tend to be active, creative and intuitive and have an affinity with plants.

The getting of wisdom has been a life’s journey and a great companion as we head into our older years.

Happy gardening!

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