Welcome to IRT

IRT is one of Australia's largest community based seniors lifestyle and care providers. We manage communities in more than 30 locations across the Illawarra, South Coast of NSW, Sydney, South East Queensland and Canberra and provide lifestyle and care solutions to over 8500 customers.

IRT's operating businesses include:

  • IRT Lifestyle & Care - our core business, incorporating our Lifestyle Communities, Care Centres, In-Home Care and Wellness Programs.
  • IRT Foundation - creating age-friendly communities.
  • IRT Catering - producing over 2 million meals each year.
  • IRT College - a centre of excellence for life-long learning.

For more information on IRT, or anything contained in our website, please talk to us.

Getting Started

Getting Started - Careers

IRT offers a variety of careers in one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. more

Getting Started - In-Home Care

Many people prefer to remain living in the comfort of their own home - In-Home Care means where you live doesn't have to change just because your care needs do. The decision to utilise In-Home... more

Getting Started - Care Centres

As you (or someone you care about) get older, you may find you need assistance to do everyday things that used to seem fairly easy, and there may come a time when your home no longer suits your changing...more

Getting Started - Lifestyle Communities

Planning for a comfortable lifestyle once you leave the workforce takes a lot of thought and commitment. This is especially the case when you consider that the average Australian spends 25 years in... more

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